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Book Character Day

What a fabulous day we had on Wednesday! It was so much fun seeing everyone dressed up in their book character costumes, taking part in the school parade and reading each other's books throughout the day.

Hub Singing

On Friday all the Parerā children and teachers came together to enjoy hub singing. We sang a number of fun action songs and loved using Mrs Tasker's puppets to act out several songs. One of our favourites songs was 'Five Little Ducks'. Mrs Tasker even had a mother duck puppet that made a quacking noise!

Congratulations to our Poetry Finalists!

Congratulations to all the children who performed in the finals of the poetry competition. The following Parerā children gained places:
Year 0 1st Mia  2nd Sai-Aroha 3rd Vihaan and Evie
Year 1 3rd Nityajit