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Hub Singing

On Friday all the Parerā children and teachers came together to enjoy hub singing. We sang a number of fun action songs and loved using Mrs Tasker's puppets to act out several songs. One of our favourites songs was 'Five Little Ducks'. Mrs Tasker even had a mother duck puppet that made a quacking noise!

Congratulations to our Poetry Finalists!

Congratulations to all the children who performed in the finals of the poetry competition. The following Parerā children gained places:
Year 0 1st Mia  2nd Sai-Aroha 3rd Vihaan and Evie
Year 1 3rd Nityajit

Fun times at Ferrymead!

What an amazing day Parerā 5 and 6 had at Ferrymead Heritage Park yesterday. We had an incredible group of parents to support the children and teachers and everyone enjoyed a variety of activities, dressed in our cute costumes! The Ferrymead educators commented on what a lovely group of children our tamariki were which made us very proud. Parent helpers - please send me any photos you took and I can add them to the blog.