Codey the Caterpillar

Today during our Inquiry-based play, we explored a programmable robot called Codey the Caterpillar. Each segment of its body had a different function such as 'play music', 'turn left' and 'flash lights'. By joining the segments in different sequences we could program Codey to do all sorts of different things. This was a great way for us to learn about directions - particularly telling left from right!

Grandparents' Day and Folk Dancing Demonstration

What a wonderful day of fun and entertainment we enjoyed with our treasured grandparents and whānau today. It was so lovely to have our space filled with the children and their special family members. After a rousing haka pōwhiri and welcome in the hall, we invited our grandparents back to our classrooms to complete a craft activity together. From there we returned to the hall to perform our folk dancing demonstration. It was such fun to get our grandparents up at the end to do the birdie dance with us. Tummies grumbling, we went back to our space to share a veritable feast of delicious food prepared by the parents. This was the highlight of the day for many of the children! Thank you for the beautiful food you prepared. The children's excellent behaviour, sense of community and first-class dancing efforts made all the teachers extremely proud. We hope that the day was enjoyed by all that attended and that you come back to visit us again soon! Thank you so much for your support and

Reading and technology

Parerā 6 browsing box reading. Making our digital alphabet book.  The children have taken the photos and created sound to go with them. Calendar art of our Whanau, displayed on our Whanau wall.