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Junior Assembly

As our class is now complete, today was the first day that Parerā 5 children were able to receive achievement or values awards at Junior Assembly. Our values award was given to Kapish and Julia was the recipient of our achievement award. It was great to see two of our class members up the front with all the other certificate winners. Congratulations children!

Kimihia: Week 9. Term 2

What a wonderful time we had at Kimihia today! Smoothie making, bracelet making, box construction, paper craft, musical performances, dress ups, ball games and more - so many fun choices, it was hard to know where to start!

Maddie's Goal

This term the Parerā children have been working on their Learning Goals. Maddie set herself the challenge of learning to tie her shoelaces. Maddie's clever Mum made her this amazing teaching shoe to help Maddie practise. What a great idea!

Look what Beckett found...

Becket went to the Museum in the weekend and when he was looking at the Native NZ bird displays, guess what he found? A parerā! Great find Beckett.

Having fun with our new friends...

Yesterday we welcomed Coleman to our hub, and last week we welcomed Maddie, Trey, Hayne, Amelia and Rudra. It's been great watching our new friends getting to know their classmates, find their way around the classroom and learn about all the rules and routines we have in Parerā. I have been very proud of the way our older children have supported our younger children through this process. They have utilised all our school values!

Junior Park Explorers

Today the children from the Parerā hub went on a class trip to the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

We took part in an educational programme entitled 'Junior Park Explorers' with our wonderful educator Tracey. We learned about some of the native NZ birds that can be found at the Gardens and learned how to make their birds sounds. We learned about the different types of spiders and insects that can be found at the Gardens too. We went on bird and bug hunts to try and find some of the creatures we talked about. We also learned about decomposition and what happens to trees when they die.

Finally, we played an amazing game called 'The Enchanted Forest'. Our educator, Tracey, dressed up each of the parent helpers as trees and then gave each of us a bug or a bird costume. We had to choose a tree to live in. But then Cara the builder came along and chopped down two of the trees with her chainsaw, leaving some of the creatures with nowhere to live! We problem solved and worked …