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'William's Wet Week'

Today we learned about the letter 'w'. We read a funny book called 'William's Wet Week' in which William gets very wet before he realises that a coat, gumboots and an umbrella can keep him dry. We dressed Oscar up in wet weather gear and drew pictures and wrote stories about what to wear when it rains.

We ran a Cross Country!

I was so proud of the children's efforts at our school cross country on Tuesday. Everyone in Parerā 5 had a great attitude and showed our value of Excellence by giving their best effort on the day. As the youngest runners in the race, I think we performed extremely well. Here are some photos of the event:

Zebra on the loose....

A zebra was spotted at Kimihia this Friday ... don't worry, she's friendly!

J is for Jelly!

This week we have been learning about the letter 'j'. What better way to do this than to make jelly! We made orange jelly and raspberry jelly. Which is your favourite?

Welcome new friends!

This week we welcomed Beckett and Nityajit to Parerā 5, taking our class number to 16 children. It is wonderful to have you join our class boys.

Buddies time!

Yesterday our big buddies from Pouakai came over to our space for the first time. We had lots of fun getting to know each other and doing fun activities together. We're looking forward to spending more time with our buddies.

Our Newest Class Members

Over the past week, we welcomed Maia, Sofia, Julia and Kapish to Parerā 5, taking our class number to 14 children. Welcome to school tamariki!

Maths Exploration

Today we explored a variety of maths equipment. Sofia, Monty and Frankie practised their number formation on the whiteboards. Ka pai tamariki!

Shay made interesting patterns on the Geoboards.

Zoe and Yahara created a fun game with the number mats, a dice and a beanbag, to practise their number identification.

These children used playdough to make shapes, sets and patterns.

Jaydon and Maia played the 'Build a Tower' game with a dice and duplo. Whose tower will be the highest?

Kapish made these awesome shapes from playdough and added faces. Tau ke Kapish!